The use of the scientific method to determine the absorption of bounty paper towels in comparison to

You may also want to conduct several trials for accuracy. By Len Penzo The paper towel is one of the greatest inventions ever and, frankly, I think too many of us take them for granted.

Now take one cotton towel and do the same as you did above for the Shamwow. Water molecules exhibit cohesion - they are attracted to adjoining water molecules, thus forming an unbroken chain of water molecules in each xylem tube.

Between each layer, insert a different filtration material to be tested, such as a layer of cotton balls, some pieces of newspaper, a handful of thinly-spread gravel, a handful of sand, and anything else you think might filter the water.

Additional evaluation will come from a journal entry comparing and contrasting paper towel testing with cohesion-tension in a plants xylem. Students should also be introduced to the fact that they need to control variables in order to answer questions of interest and base their answers to questions on the evidence they can observe and collect as part of the investigation.

Your conclusions should reflect that. National Science Education Standards. Provide the appropriate computations and graphics, and write a couple of sentences in the way of conclusions. Liquid is similar to gas because the molecules do not fit together in any certain way.

The Best Paper Towel

Students will learn how to use the scientific method to set up an experiment. What can you find on the WWW about paper towels? Then take apart the filter and examine each layer to see what it filtered from the water.

Did you notice any major differences in terms of absorption levels? To test paper towels for absorbency, simply measure out a specific amount of water in a beaker. Start by deciding how many measurements you will make on each brand. Bean Plant Projects A simple way to make a science fair project with paper towels involves lining a foam cup with a wet paper towel and slipping a lima bean or other fast-growing seed between the towel and the cup.

Liquid is one of the three states of matter. Tension is negative pressure that results from the pulling action of water molecules as they move out of the leaves during transpiration. The paper towel fibers provide the small places for the columns of water to exist and for which to adhere.

If no prior knowledge exists, this investigation can then be used to introduce an investigatory process. The book I used said to use double-ply with no print also double-ply tends to tear easier from the roll then single-ply.

The reason that I believe this is because the ingredients in Viva and the category Viva is in. An interesting fact is that though Viva is single-ply it is as thick as double-ply.

Paper Towel Facts and FAQs

Unfortunately, its price-to-performance ratio was quite poor. As with toilet paper, I tested paper towels by buying a dozen brands rated highly by outside sources, contacting experts, and then testing them and using them in real cleaning and cooking in my home and in an office, trying to pin down the best value.

Next, scores were assigned to each of the paper towels. Fourth, the references and citations of those articles identified were inspected to ensure that all relevant studies were included.

White paper towels made of paper pulp which makes it absorbent. Although I found many experiments that tested paper towels it varies from my experiment because I am testing which brand of paper towel cleans the best and if it is worth buying a brand name versus a bargain brand.

Be sure to then have the students "discover" through questioning how cohesion-tension in plants works. In one experiment, Bounty came in first place for absorbency and another experiment found that Sparkle worked best.

A two-sample t-test can be used to analyze the data, or simple graphics and descriptive statistics can be used as an exploratory analysis. One person in the group it may be one of those listed above will need to record the data for the group.

However, most studies suggest that paper towels can dry hands efficiently, remove bacteria effectively, and cause less contamination of the washroom environment.

It can be done as a demo, pairs, or in groups. From a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to electric air dryers. That is why I am doing this experiment. Two independent researchers C. Recycled paper towels do not have bleaches in them.

RumseyChristopher R.

ALEX Lesson Plan

Hypothesis My hypothesis is that the name brand paper towel Bounty will work the best. If you buy paper towels primarily for their absorbency, then Bounty is your best bet.scientific method and experimental design.

This will be a great foundation for 3rd expensive) paper towels being "better" than generic brands and that they can absorb more fluids than non-name brands (less expensive). So acceptable (for example if replicate #4 of Bounty was 11 instead of 31, then the. Take three sheets of Bounty paper towels and fold each in half.

4. Place each of the remaining seeds inside its own folded paper towel.

Consumer Testing and the Scientific Method

Paper towels are lightweight and made out of multiple layers for better absorption. The more the layers, the better the paper towel will absorb. Normally, paper towels are made out of absorbent paper, which helps them to absorb more than a cloth.

The advertiser explained that Viva paper towels deliver both high basis weight and low stiffness because, unlike Bounty and other quilted towels, Viva paper towels are not held together primarily by fiber-to-fiber hydrogen bonds. 1) The temperature of the water.

A controlled experiment was done to make sure that only the variables that we measured determined the results of the test. I used a mL graduated cylinder to measure the amount of water that was soaked up per each towel.

I read the volume of the starting value. Sugar dissolves in water, and forms a solution – so when paper towel comes into contact with water, the sugar molecules in the paper towel bond with the water molecules, and ‘absorb’ the water.

Paper towels also use the same principle to absorb other liquids and substances.

The use of the scientific method to determine the absorption of bounty paper towels in comparison to
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